The Simple 3 Step Strategy My Clients Use to Organically Unlock an Unlimited Flow of Leads
And then sell them without manipulation or sleazy sales tactics.
Helpful copy is the worst kind of copy
Real Copy is's emotional and it doesn't feel like copy
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Read This Before Going Forward

If you want to learn to write copy  and sell in a way that challenges your prospects model of the world.

Captivates emotions.

Creates huge AHA moments.

And that completely changes paradigms.

Read on…

I used to write in a way that was helpful for people.

You know...the 3 tips for this or the strategies for doing that.

Helpful stuff.

The problem was people would consume it.

And then move on to the next piece.

They didn’t care about learning more.

They didn’t care about working with me.

and if I did manage to get on the phone with someone I was completely out of alignment with the traditional manipulative and aggressive sales model.

So I was chock full of helpful content and ZERO customers.

I knew there had to be a better way than this.

Who in their right mind would keep putting out helpful stuff to get zero return.

And I would rather shut the business down than continue to try and be aggressive on the phone and in messenger. 

It made no sense.

So I did what any obsessive nerdy biochemist would do.

I dug into human psychology.

Socratic philosophy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Evolutionary brain dynamics.

And after about 9 million hours of studying.

I discovered that helpful content and helpful information was the worst strategy to get people motivated.

It literally blew my mind.

People didn’t want help. 

In fact...they weren’t even emotionally ready for help.

Helpful content just perpetuated the cycle of suck for people.

They simply wanted to feel good about themselves.

They wanted to stop struggling.

To stop suffering.

And to stop being miserable searching for a solution to their problems.

I had to tell people about this.

Because I was giddy with excitement.

So I posted in some Facebook groups about it.

And let me tell you those posts blew up…

In a good and bad way lol.

People couldn’t fathom this being correct.

Like why in the world could helpful content be harmful?

It completely challenged and changed paradigms.

Interestingly enough These people started to reach out to me in messenger to learn more.
They felt the pain of endless content with no return.

And they were about as sick of it as I was.

Just not obsessive enough to search the entire planet for a solution lol.

So I took 10 people through my process of creating emotionally driven  and compassion focused copy and sales.

And guess what…

All 10 of them DOUBLED their lead flow and close rate with ZERO cold DMs or helpful copy.

Simply by using this emotionally driven framework I created out of my own torment.

What’s more important is that I took another 10, then 20, then 50 through this process.

And the results kept repeating with a 96% success rate.

Obviously not everyone can be successful and it would be ridiculous to claim a 100% success rate.

But 96% is HUGE.

Like the coaching industry on average has about a 24% success rate.

Think about that...96% success rate with business owners who are in no way shape or form professional sales reps, copywriters or even good at copy or sales.

And it wasn’t about using templates.

Fill in the blanks.



Or any of that junk.

Because all of that chains you to be stuck inside a narrow process.

Good copy and sales are about free flowing ideas.

Words that turn into emotions.

Words that are built on the tears or those struggling.

Words that become the most powerful drug known to mankind.

You’re probably wondering who exactly did this work for?

  •  Coaches
  •  Consultants 
  •  Course Creators 
  • Fit pros, 
  • ​Health Coaches
  • ​Lifecoaches
How to write copy and sellwithout being helpful and landing on deaf ears.
This is a process where you take the emotional journey your prospects have been on.

Where you look deeper and think bigger than they ever have.

A process where you begin to feel their pain.

Their struggles.

Their tears.

Their madness.

From that you write and speak in a way that completely shatters their paradigms.

And changes their model of the world.

You become a leader.

Someone worth listening to.

And you remove yourself from the commodity driven “helpful copy”  and manipulative sales world.

And enter an environment where people come to you.

They ask you for the sale.

All you need to do it make sure you can actually help them.

The Culture of Care Compassion Conversations Workshop
An 10-week workshop focused on creating the skills to live inside the heart and mind of your prospect and to put their madness on paper and into words, leading them to see you as the only solution to their problems.

What we’re gonna cover in 10 weeks...

The simple yet powerful Cognitive Writing Framework I use with hundreds of clients to double their lead flow...practically overnight.

The Emotional Reframing Strategy you can use to tap deep into someone’s emotional epicenter to gain trust and leadership almost instantly.

The 4 step process I use every single day to pump out copy faster than speeding locomotive without spending 25 years trying to figure it out.

How to install challenging leadership without being salesy or manipulative.

The process of cognitive questioning to go beyond the pain and challenge someones entire model of the world practically doubling your close rate overnight.

The real reason being attached to the sale is the worst strategy to enroll new clients and what you can do to change it.

How all of this applies to your sales conversations in messenger and on the phone.

Of course there's more to it...a LOT more.

Including the research process I use to find the exact emotional buttons to push...

How to get over the dreaded writer's block quickly and efficiently...

Copy and sales reviews on your work...

And the mostly unheard of process I use to critique my own copy.

I’ve been blabbering for long enough here, but I hope I’ve helped you see why this works so well and how it creates real sustainable long term change in your copy and the impact it has on people.

This is powerful stuff...So please I’m begging you...DO NOT USE THIS FOR MANIPULATION to harm people.

If that’s your intent please do not join this workshop.

But if your intent is to get clients to be able to change their lives for the better.

To build your writing and sales skills and grow your revenue in your business.

And help me further my mission of building a Culture of Care.

Then it’s simple.

You’re just like me.

Here to create real change in this world.

And together we’re stronger than we are apart.

The workshop is $2997 and believe me that is a STEAL.

When I launch the full academy it’ll easily be double that.

If you want in just click the button below.’s time to ditch endless hours of helpful content and cold DMs and it’s time to start bringing people right to your doorstep.

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